About Us

 The Dominico-Belgium-Luxembourg Official Chamber of Commerce, Inc., is a nonprofit entity with a mission to promote commercial collaborations between the Dominican Republic and Europe:  the Kingdom of Belgium, and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

As an entity designed to promote international trade activities between friendly countries that have different legal and commercial codes, and different languages and culture, the Dominico-Belgium-Luxembourg Official Chamber of Commerce offers its members and persons and/or interested parties, a number of services free of cost that stimulate and facilitate trade relations. 

The Dominico-Belgium-Luxembourg Official Chamber of Commerce facilitates trade and provides businesses with contacts of parties that are interested in commercial relations between the represented nations.

Dominico-Belgium-Luxembourg Official Chamber of Commerce obtained its accreditation as the Official Chamber in 2009, when it became a part of the CCI.be, Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industries of Belgium abroad. Since August 2011 obtained an official subsidy from the Belgian Authoritiesto promote the commerce.  It shares functions with its sister  Belgan-Luxembourg-Dominican Chamber, headquartered in Brussels, encouraging commercial missions to strengthen the field of business. Also, it is part of the Federation of European Chambers of Commerce in the Dominican Republic, having held the Presidency of the forementioned during the 2009-2010 period. It is an active member of the National Council for Private Enterprise (CONEP), the entity that regulates firms in the country, participating in its assemblies and regular meetings, as well as national and international company events.  It is also a member of the Council for Facilitation, which is an agency governed by the American Chamber of Commerce in the Dominican Republic (AMCHAMDR), where along with serveral other chambers, they seek effective solutions to customs issues in favor of the development of the member companies.

Dominico-Belgium-Luxembourg Official Chamber of Commerce, Inc. the the doors to Europe open along with the rights to participate in commercial and cultural activities that are shared amongst the other    bi-national European Chambers of Commerce. Membership also allows for participation in seminars and conferences which target the European market. This increases the opportunities for business growth and transends borders by expanding the vision to Europe and attracting European prospects towards the Caribbean, not only for tourism, but also for trade development.